What is Scarless Thyroid Surgery?

Scarless Thyroid Surgery is a new technique for removing some or all of the thyroid gland without leaving any scar in the neck. Most people who require thyroid surgery are candidates for scarless thyroid surgery which can be done two different ways (robotic and transoral). Both types of scarless thyroid surgery are offered at our hospital, although robotic thyroid surgery is the best choice for almost all patients. Scarless robotic thyroid surgery is the most modern form of thyroid surgery and is only performed by a small percentage of thyroid surgeons world wide. Advanced training is required to perform this technically advanced operation.

Benefits of Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery

We all know somebody that had thyroid surgery because we can see the scar on their neck. Typically these scars are present for many years and many patients become very self-conscious of them. Scarless thyroid surgery entails thyroid gland dissection and removal by placing the scar in far away locations (like the skin in front of the arm-pit. Thus there is no scar at all on the neck. The goal of these scarless thyroid surgery techniques are to provide same successful outcome as the traditional surgery while providing highest cosmetic satisfaction and confidentiality benefits for the patient.

How is Scarless Robotic Thyroid Surgery Done?

When we talk about using a "robot" in surgery, or "robotic" thyroid surgery we are referring to a very advanced operating machine that has multiple "arms" that are attached to long instruments. The surgeon makes small incisions in the armpits of the patient (and thus no scar on the neck) and the "arms" of the robot are placed into these incisions. Once all the robot "arms" are placed into their incisions the surgeon sits at a control console that allows him/her to manipulate all of the arms at the same time. It's like we magically made a very talented surgeon with two arms and hands into a surgeon with 4 arms and 4 hands. This provides better exposure to the tissues and allows a more detailed operation for many patients.

Who is Candidate for Robotic Thyroid Surgery?

Robotic thyroid surgery is a very good choice for many patients who need thyroid surgery. Patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid goiters are very good candidates for robotic scarless thyroid surgery. Many patients with thyroid cancer are also good candidates for robotic thyroid surgery also, provided they have a very experienced robotic surgeon who has performed many robotic thyroid operations.

At the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery, our thyroid surgeons will provide you with options for robotic or traditional thyroid surgery based upon the findings of your ultrasound and other factors in your history and examination. Whatever condition you have, we will work closely with you to address your questions and concerns while figuring out the best treatment plan for your unique needs. If robotic surgery isn't right for you, we will work with you on alternative options.

If you chose robotic scarless thyroid surgery, our goals are for you to have the same exact outcomes and cure rates if you have a standard "open" thyroid operation. We do not want to compromise on your ultimate outcome, but if you chose the robot you will leave without a scar!

Our Robotic Thyroid Surgeons

The surgeons at the Hospital for Endocrine Surgery are some of the highest volume robotic thyroid surgeons in the US. Our robotic thyroid surgeons have made this technique their specialty, providing great results for patients who travel long distances to avoid a neck scar.

Counseling about robotic scarless thyroid surgery is something that you can expect--it may not be the right operation for you, but our team of surgeons will answer your questions and help you decide what it best for you.

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